Saturday, 1 March 2014

Graffiti ink tattoos

U.K. Graffiti Legend MAKONE opens his new store " Deathstar tattoo", at 15a upper brook street, ulverston, LA12 and grey tattoos by mak1 and guests, Tattoos with a fresh Graf twist...100% custom designs no flash. check out more of his work on the link below.

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Graffiti art from " Raer Smc "

Check out the work from Raer our long time friend here at monster colors, for anyone that did not know Raer the barbarian is from Madrid Spain and is also part of the down town assassins crew, follow more of his work from the link below..

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Graffiti spray paint can from Monster Colors made on 3D max

monster colors 3D graffiti can animation from monstercolors on Vimeo.

Heres a nice bit of graffiti spray can animation that we are working on right
now here at monster colors, using 3d max we will post the full movie when its finished

More info here

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mr. Serious PU coated gloves

Mr Serious gloves with PU coating on palm and finger tips. a must for painters
Reason to use: Clean hands, no fingerprints left behind, strong, good grip, non sweaty, reusable.

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Mr. Serious 12 pack spray can bag

Mr. Serious 12 pack spray can bag is the bag for those who like to go out organized well and do a medium sized piece.

Non woven fabric, strong 4cm handles, fits 12 spray cans, big slide pocket in flap and small slide pocket for caps in bag.
Reason to use: Holds enough cans for a medium size piece, cans won’t  tip over, bag is discrete in matt black, can be closed with zip, reusable.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

30mm Tip Squeezy Graffiti Mop

This New York style mop is fitted with a 30mm sponge tip & secure plastic clip on lid, you can fill these with anything you like! Even your own formula ,You can also buy from us replacement 30mm tips in our store

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Graffiti black books A4 A5 and A6

Top Quality hard back with Gold emboss Monster logo, filled with the best quality cartridge paper available perfect for your outlines & sketches, these Sketchpads have 92 pages of crisp white all-media 140gsm cartridge paper, acid-free and sized for extra wet strength.

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Black latex Graffiti and tattoo gloves

Box of 100 Black
After much development Uniglove have developed a select black powder free latex glove.
They have been designed specifically for the graffiti art & tattoo industry. Incorporating a 'non-slip' grip they offer versatility and comfort for the user.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ultrawide, the Original Artists Marker is back

We are here for one reason and that is to LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW. Ultrawide the original artist's marker, also known as the "4 finger" is a high quality refillable marker popularized in the 70’s through the early 90’s by street artists until dramatically disappearing from store shelves.

The resurrection has now occurred. No other marker can compare to the Ultrawide "4 finger" or his smaller yet equally amazing version known as the MiniWide "2 finger". 

Both, the Mini-Wide and the Ultra-Wide are extraordinary permanent markers from the 1970/80s. The Ultra-Wide was always a bit to dry, no matter how many ink I put inside. But well, I didn´t used Flomaster and at the stage I got the first Ultra-Wide, I had no idea of using paint thinner or solvent to make the marker flow… With the Mini-Wide I had better experiences. Used them with alcohol based Copic ink only and the Mini-Wides are definitely one of the best markers I have.

Mini-Wide Refillable Marker

wescosa mini wide marker

The Mini-Wide is certainly one of the classic tag-markers. Especially those who are familiar with graffiti and the film Wild Style might recall the scene in which “Zoro” (played by New York graffiti artist Lee) tagged some door (or whatever it was)…
The flat shape of this marker is rather unusual, and as far as I know the pen was actually a kind of layout marker (the Copic Wide has a flat shape too and it seems to be the new version of the Mini-Wide). Both markers, the Mini-Wide and Ultra-Wide, were produced in Japan and distributed in the U.S. by the WESCOSA INC. (“Ultra-Wide” and “Mini-Wide Refillable Marker”) and by HK Holbein Artist Materials (“Illust marker”). The width of the Mini-Wide is about 21 mm wide; the nib is made of felt (different to the extremely stiff synthetic nib of the modern Copic Wide).
To fill/refill the marker – it was always sold empty in the local hip hop stores – one must first pull the nib out of the marker. In the inside is a thin plastic tube through which the ink will get into the wadding filling of the marker … that was usually quite a mess, because the ink quickly spilled over and then expired.

wescosa mini wide marker
wescosa mini wide marker

Ultra-Wide Refillable Marker

The Ultra-Wide has the same flat shape like the Mini-Wide. The line width is approximately 38 mm. |

wescosa ultra wide marker

wescosa ultra wide marker
wescosa mini wide marker ultra wide marker